A supplement to lower your golf score

Spring is in the air. So is Coronavirus, but in other news, let’s discuss an outdoor activity: Golf.

By the way, Coronavirus (and most viruses) are significantly weakened by sunlight, so get outside and stay outside!

If you’ve ever golfed, it can be a frustrating sport. My late golf coach would say ‘it’s a game of inches – between the ears’ AKA your mindset. There is a study from 2007 that had subjects take 200mg of phosphatidylserine or a placebo for 6 weeks. They found that phosphatidylserine supplementation had a tendency to lower perceived stress during the pre-shot routine, as well as improve accuracy of golf shots. This combination would most likely lower one’s golf score. (1)

Drive for show, chip and putt for dough$

RIP Coach Stephen Guerrero

Phosphatidylserine is a compound found in high amounts in the brain and neural tissue. It is part of the lipid bilayer that encompasses every cell you are composed of. High amounts found in fish and a health food known as lecithin (sunflower or soy based). It has been shown to improve memory in elderly(2) as well as lower cortisol(3).


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