Benefits of B12

What’s the hype with B12 Shots?

B12 is a critical nutrient and many people have low levels. A simple B12 blood test can tell you your level. Foods rich in B12 are: fish, meats, especially liver, eggs, and dairy products. Some foods may be fortified with B12 for people who choose not to eat animal products. Even if you are consuming these foods, you could still be low. Your gastrointestinal tract could have trouble absorbing it and you may need higher amounts than what the RDA states.

B12 is critical for the formation of red blood cells and help prevent anemia. It is necessary for your nervous system and protecting your nerves. B12 is a co-factor for your body making neurotransmitters, which can help keep your mood stable. B12 is best known for its energy benefits, helping you feel alert and focused during the day and rest well at night. You need it to help keep your DNA healthy and keep inflammation levels down.

There are a few different forms of B12 available. There is cyancobalamin, adenosylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin, and methylcobalamin. Cyancobalamin is a cheap synthetic form found in many supplements. Some people cannot process this synthetic form very well. The other forms are natural forms of B12 and are generally better absorbed for most people.

There are a few options when deciding to take a supplement. The best oral form is sublingual B12. Most supplements are around 1000mcg daily, which is about 83,000% of the RDA (RDA is 2.4mcg). If that is still not helping, an intramuscular B12 shot can boost your levels quickly. Intramuscular shots bypass the GI tract meaning you absorb 100% of the injection, whereas we don’t always know how much of the oral forms are absorbed by the body. B12 shots are 1000mcg per shot, which is plenty! Depending on your levels and your symptoms, you could have 1 shot or you may need a series of them monthly to help maintain your levels.

We are currently offering a B12 “happy hour”. You can sign up for a B12 shot and see how it can benefit you!

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