Dr. Carolina Gonzalez completed her undergraduate studies at Western New England University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry. Being fluent in Spanish, Dr. G spent her spring breaks traveling to Honduras where she served as a medical translator and provided information on nutrition and hygiene. After working for years at a naturopathic private practice as administrative support, Dr. G decided to fully immerse herself into her naturopathic studies.

She earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from The University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. She went on to apply for Bastyr’s competitive residency program where she matched with CNHP. She became Collaborative’s very first resident where she worked directly under Dr. Young and partook in a variety of clinical preceptorships such as midwifery, general surgery and orthopedic medicine. During this time she helped launch in-office SIBO breath testing, a popular tool used by many physician’s to diagnose a common underlying cause of functional digestive disorders. After completing her residency, Dr. G decided to join Collaborative as a full time physician.

She took an interest in digestive disorders such as SIBO, IBS, candida overgrowth and the microbiome in general. She focuses on a holistic approach targeting the gut-brain connection and the importance of understanding its bidirectional impact. This is why aside from herbal and nutritional counseling, Dr. G emphasizes working on stress and anxiety reduction with mindfulness and relaxation techniques. As a certified craniosacral therapist, she is able to employ this type of therapy to soothe the nervous system in order to induce the parasympathetic state aka ‘rest and digest’ mode.

In her free time, Dr. G enjoys creating educational content on social media, cooking healthy cuisines, traveling and is currently learning how to play the piano.