Most people are definitely surprised when I share that my original path did not point toward medicine – not even close. Destined to be a lawyer – or so I thought – I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in Spanish. While I studied for the LSAT after graduation with every anticipation of applying to law school, I obtained a job in administration at a medical school – when the quarks started to turn. 

Is was at this time in my life that made me analyze the health issues I had been plagued with throughout my life up until this point. Learning that certain modalities might not have been necessary and incorporating others that may have been more helpful, truly sparked a flame within me. I wanted others to know that, much like for me, medicine is not a one-size-fits-all approach. While I vigorously searched for ways to make this happen, the age-old adage, “if you enjoy your job, it doesn’t feel like work,” began to resonate within me. 

Finding naturopathic medicine was not just about my health, but about my life and the decisions I would make for myself and my family. These lessons, not only learned from reading the pages in medical textbooks, but from exploring the world around me and thinking outside of the box, are what I hope to share with my patients.

Very near and dear to me is the focus of women’s health – hormones, fertility, education, and empowerment! I’m also very passionate about therapeutic diets for the management of blood sugar imbalances and cardiovascular health! Having my master’s in acupuncture let’s me incorporate this system of medicine into the treatment of my patients, as well! 

When my brain is not flurrying with medical information or ways to impact changes, I enjoy spending time with my significant other and our two East German Working Line German Shepherds – Brynn and Xander – a challenge in itself, but in other ways!