Are we pediatricians?

Integrative medicine- including naturopathic medicine and osteopathic manipulation- can be amazingly helpful for a child’s wellness. We acknowledge the unique structure and commitment that a pediatric office offers for children and parents. For this reason, we ask that you maintain a relationship with your pediatrician until age twelve before transferring care for primary care in our office. Our office is happy to help with sick visits when prescription medication does not seem appropriate, well care and helping with specific health conditions- from ADHD to recurrent ear infections. We are a great support for your child’s health.

What kind of doctor is right for me?

Naturopathic physicians- Physicians trained as specialists in integrative medicine. Naturopathic physicians are experts in advanced diagnostic testing, nutrition, botanicals and supplements. Some of our doctors are also trained in craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, bowen and other specific modalities.

Osteopathic physicians- Board certified in family medicine with additional training in osteopathic manipulation. These doctors are primary care doctors who are open to integrative medicine and can act as your primary care doctor but also can be an adjunctive care offering compounded prescriptive medications such as bioidentical hormones, low dose naltrexone, glandular thyroid prescriptions

Can I keep my primary care? Can I keep my naturopathic physician?

Collaboration means working not only with each other but with other physicians and practitioners. We recognize the importance of a therapeutic relationship with your doctors and honor that your connection with your team is a priority. While the naturopathic physicians and the family medicine physicians advocate for having the other type of physician on board, we welcome collaborating with physicians outside of the office.

For primary care, why do I start with a naturopathic physician?

Lifestyle medicine is at the core of our values. We ask that you establish first with a naturopathic physician (even if you work with another outside of this office) so that we can start you on your wellness journey with meaningful goals, bloodwork, and functional medicine. Once established with an ND, we will set you up with the best match in our primary care team.

Do you offer same day sick visits?

We try very hard to accommodate any urgent concerns within 24 hours. We can address urgent matters such as rashes and infections. If you have an acute concern, please call to see the doctors to help you.

Should I bring my records for my visit?

On your first visit, we have a lot to discuss. We are jumping in as your newest team member, but we honor that your journey did not just start. Prior labs and imaging can be helpful. We are happy to request records for anything additional we may need.

What is an Annual Wellness visit and why do I need one?

We are honored as your physicians to hold space for you all year round. We are here for any sneeze or sniffles, and truly value this wellness visit as an opportunity to take time and assess your overall health. This visit is extremely important to us and we ask we have this time at least once every two years, ideally every year.

This is the one visit that health insurance companies allow us to completely focus on all of your well care and ensure that we maintain a proactive approach. Services included in a preventative wellness visit: review of medical history, a thorough physical exam, information about how to reduce risk factors that could affect your health, ordering screening tests and immunizations as needed and counseling on overall improvements that could help your health. We may ask for a urinalysis and/or EKG if necessary.

Well woman exams are recognized by insurance companies as a separate preventive visit- honoring the importance of women taking the time to connect with their physician about their unique concerns. This visit as a separate from your wellness physical intentionally. A well woman exam is more than a pap smear and breast exam. This is our time to talk about your overall hormonal and sexual health. We are honored to offer this time for our women.

Do we offer vaccines? If so, which ones?

We do offer vaccines, including T-Dap, Tetanus and Flu.

When possible all our vaccines are preservative free. While these vaccines are more expensive than other forms, there will be no additional charges.

Travel and other vaccines can be ordered through a local pharmacy and administered in our clinic. We advocate to visit the Travel clinic at UCONN if you are considering an abroad trip.