Time of Service Discounts for Cash Patients

If your insurance does not cover us, we can offer you a time-of-service discount. This discount is only available at the time of your office visit and must be paid in full. You may still use an HSA card/account.

With a same day payment, we avoid a lot of stress, saving time and money. We want to pass the savings on to you. Here are our fees, including a list of time-of-service discounts.

These fees are not a reflection of negotiated prices with insurance companies. If you have a deductible and chose to have us utilize your insurance, the cost of your visits is decided by the insurance company- not us, therefore the prices most likely will vary from this list. However, your bill will not be more than the Standard fee listed below if we bill your insurance.

It is our goal and core value to make our medicine as accessible as possible. Please feel free to reach out to our billing team if you have any questions.

Our Fees

Osteopathic Primary Care and Naturopathic Care

Billed ChargeTime of Service Discount
New Patient
Follow Up Visits
Wellness Exams$230 – 335$175

Please note Telehealth is the same price as an office visit.

Procedures And Testing

(these may be in addition to an office visit or stand-alone procedures depending on the treatment plan)

Billed ChargeTime of Service Discount
Physical Medicine (Bowen, Craniosacral, OMT)*$120$100
Trigger Point Injection$100$100
Biofeedback (Package of 3)N/A***$400
Acupuncture (Package of 5)N/A***$350
SIBO Test$200$150
Ear Wax Removal$50 (irrigation)
$100 (Curette)
Preservative Free Flu Shot$45$45

*First physical medicine appointments will always require evaluation and an office visit. We will also need to re-evaluate your condition periodically.
**Biofeedback may be covered partially with your insurance. Even with some insurance coverage, there is a charge for equipment/admin fees that are not covered.
***N/A means that these are non-covered services through your insurance.

Urine Dip w/o microscopy$10
81025 Pregnancy- urine test$30
82270 Fecal (screening)$20
Fecal (symptomatic)$30
PPD (includes plant & read)$45
Quick Flu$45
Rapid Strep$30
EKG-12 lead$50