Folate For Seasonal Allergies and Asthma - from the blog of Dr. Lauren Gouin, ND

Folate for Seasonal Allergies and Asthma

I just read this great article and thought I’d share it with you. Looks like some fun research is coming out linking folate deficiency and immune responses to allergens.

Though there is some press about synthetic folate, folic acid, possibly being linked with some cancers, folate is extremely important for neural development, detoxification, energy, mood and now recently discovered… the immune system.

The mechanism is still unclear, but the research suggests that if you have allergies or asthma, you should get your folate levels check. Folate is often evaluated with what’s known as a “Red Blood Cell, Folate”, where they can look at a portion of your red blood cell,and have it reflect the tissue levels of this nutrient. This is a conventional test, covered by most insurance plans.

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