One of the social determinants of health is managing stress and the workplace. Research shows that people who have a health focused culture at their employment are shown to be more productive, have fewer days of absenteeism and more satisfaction with their work.

As physicians, we also see that work culture can dramatically impact the wellness of the individual. Stress management, diet, exercise and sleep hygiene can all be supported by work culture. Our commitment to our patients and community has inspired us to support the workforce in wellness.

With the past year, we have learned simple ways to leverage technology so that we can offer more to the community. We are excited for you to join us in supporting your team in improving their health.

2021 Webinar Series

Creating Healthy Habits

Digestive Health

Natural Pain Relief

Heart Health

Immune Support

Stress Management Naturally

Managing Mood

We are happy to partner with employers to create a culture of wellness. Contact us at for more information.

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