How to Hold Steady – A Work in Progress

We are all going through this.  We say that about quite a number of things.  But assuredly it is more accurate now.  We truly are all going through this.  Every human on the planet is affected.  Some in small ways and others with horrid abundance.  This thing that none of us can see has reached us all in a way no one could have imagined.  Never in our lifetimes has our human vulnerability, our human frailty, been thrown into such stark relief. 

And so we are all going through this.  Together.  Even as we are forced apart into necessary isolation, I feel that it is vitally important to lend additional focus and attention on our togetherness – so we may  share in our collective strength and joy as much as we do our fear and our sorrow.  So that we may remind each other that we are all, truly, in this together.

All the physicians at Collaborative Natural Health will continue to be here for all our patients.  And perhaps it is additionally helpful to share some of the tools that we use to try to keep strong and steady in the face of so much fear and malady. 

Recently I find solace in the words and practice of Jack Kornfield, meditation and mindfulness teacher.  The power of mindfulness is in coming back to the simplest of actions in the face of chaos and adversity.  This tiny act is available to each of us in every moment.  We each have power to create a tiny window of calm within any storm.  There we can rest, if just for a moment.  Until the next wave. 

As he states, we all hold the strength and resilience to survive within our DNA, as our ancestors have all endured war, famine, epidemic and unimaginable hardship. So too we will survive.

We will continue to bring you updated clinical information and give you the very best care throughout this crisis.  And we will also try to bring you some peace of mind – for that goes far to keep us all healthy as well.

Take. Good. Care.
– Dr. Craig Fasullo

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