Immune Support

As the colder weather starts to set in, we wanted to share some immune boosting hacks to ward off seasonal colds to influenza. Many of us find ourselves spending more time indoors and having less physical activity during these chilly days, which increases out risk of getting sick. A weak immune system is more susceptible to diseases like cold and flu. Our goal during this season is to keep your immune system strong so that it can fight of any diseases that cross its path. A healthy immune system starts with a healthy body.

While we might not be able to avoid the cold and gloomy days ahead, we can make sure we take the steps to make sure our immune system is functioning its best.


Our immune system is highly dependent on nutrients being carried throughout our blood stream. Our blood stream is made up of mostly water! Adequate hydration will allow us to transport nutrients efficiently throughout the body, while not enough inhibits this process. Hydration all contributes to out detoxification process so that we can clear out any invaders in our system. Be mindful if you consume caffeine and alcohol these have dehydrating properties and you’ll need to increase your overall water consumption.


Its unrealistic to be completely stress free, especially theses days. Having high levels of stress can affect our health and ultimately our immune system. It can lead to disruption in sleep, crave less healthy food options and leave us feeling edgy. Simple ways to get out stress levels in check include meditation, walking, journaling, screen free activities, and exercise.


Make sure to eat a balanced, colorful, diet full of anti-inflammatory foods including complex carbs, nuts, seeds, and legumes to prevent deficiencies that would weaken immune response. Aim to fill you plate with at least 50% of color fruits and veggies. This ensures that your body is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals that It needs.

Vitamin C is a key nutrient that is essential to a strong immune system. It is critical role in strengthening our immune system long term to fight invaders. The benefits derive from its powerful antioxidant properties. Foods that are high in vitamin C include green and red bell peppers, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. If your unable to get enough vitamin C through diet, supplementation is an option.


Sleep is much more important that we may think! Our immune system reboots while we are asleep. Chronic poor sleep increases inflammatory chemicals and can even impact out gene expressing and lead to disease. Being well rested puts the body in a lower state of inflammation and gives our immune system a better chance to respond this season.

Enhance Exercise

Keeping up with a regular exercise routine enhances the immune system. Regular exercise has a wide array of benefits rom improving cognition, reducing anxiety, and decreases the risk of many chronic diseases. Exercise also increases out circulation on the body, this helps the cells of the immune system get into the invader quickly. Also moving out body’s each day provides an anti-inflammatory effect. If it’s not something you regularly do already, remember, it’s okay to start small like going to a brisk walk or doing a yoga class. The important thing is to start somewhere!

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