Our Core Values

Our medicine should be accessible to everyone.

We accept all major insurance policies, including medicare advantage. We have partnered with our local hospital and blood labs to make as much functional medicine testing covered by insurance as possible. With family medicine physicians partnering with naturopathic physicians, integrative medicine is more accessible than ever before.  


Your physicians are here for you. This means we work together and with the rest of your team to offer the best quality care possible.

Your physicians work with you. We take time to educate you on your blood tests, health conditions and the underlying causes to any symptoms you may have. You will feel heard, respected and supported by everyone from the receptionist to the medical assistants and especially from your doctor.  We are on your team. Part of healing is understanding your health and learning from whatever messages your body is giving you.

Treat the Patient 

Our team meets patients where they are and helps them map a plan for their health journey. Dietary and lifestyle changes can take time to implement. Your physicians are here to support you in the healing process. Every step will be supported and understood. You don’t have to take on more than you are ready for and we are with you every step of the way.

Address the Cause

Many health conditions are treated with palliative care or otherwise are managed with medication that suppresses the body’s actions. While these can be necessary, functional medicine offers a deeper understanding of underlying causes of disease and has a different focus. Helping the body help itself. Our physicians have additional training to look for imbalances, deficiencies and look for the places your body needs additional support.

Our Vision

We are changing the face of medicine.  We are building a new model where patient centered care means collaborating across specialties. We are building community- for patients and physicians that promotes wellness and collaboration.  We partner with patients and focus on empowerment of the patient through education and lifestyle medicine. We are leaders in health, committed to excellence of care and personal education and growth as physicians.  We value sustainable and affordable healthcare and are committed to offering services to the community. We meet patients where they are and help them engage in their health in a meaningful way.