Dr. Ashley Burkman

Dr. Ashley Burkman earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago where her training included experience in outpatient settings in addition to rotations for the Chicago Salvation Army, an adult rehabilitative clinic. She then moved to Connecticut and joined Collaborative Natural Health Partners and has been part of the team for over six years now. Her favorite part of working with this team is the strength there is in collaborating on patient care. “There are so many ways to look at a case and through grand round discussions we are able to cultivate the best treatment plan.”

The idea that food can be used as medicine is what lead Dr. Burkman to naturopathic medicine. From her own struggles with chronic skin ailments and fatigue, she learned how food and digestive health are a paramount to one’s health. Seeking the root cause for presenting symptoms are a cornerstone of both Dr. Burkman’s practice and of naturopathic medicine.

While she does see a variety of health conditions and treats patients of all ages, she has particular interest in autoimmune conditions, endocrine disorders and all things digestive health related. She is a Wahl’s Protocol ® certified health professional, a certification that designates additional training in diet therapy geared toward those who suffer autoimmune or other chronic illnesses.

Commitment to the growth of the naturopathic profession led her to be appointed to the Board of Trustees of her Alma Mater for which she has served since 2015. Additionally, she served a two-year term on Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is an active member of the Connecticut Naturopathic Association. She is an adjunct faculty member of the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine, which allows her to teach family practice osteopathic residents functional and nutritional medicine. She is the naturopathic voice of a nonprofit group developing a curriculum to encourage healthy eating habits in our youth, particularly those in underserved areas. Aside from private practice, board commitments and volunteerism, she invests her time in expanding naturopathic medicine to all states and serves as the President of the Iowa Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. Burkman, an Iowa native, enjoys spending time with friends and family and searching for new hiking trails to conquer. She entertains her creative side upcycling old furniture, trying out new food recipes, and creating natural skin care products. She attends comedy shows regularly, catches every Iowa Hawkeye football game she can and has a soft spot for cats.