What is a visit like with one of our providers?

The first office visit. Establishing care with our practice means building your relationship with your healthcare provider. We want to learn everything about you. Your health history. Your lifestyle and habits. Your goals, stressors, family life and all the special details that make you you. This visit is often quite a bit longer and more detailed.

Often the physicians will want to look at vital signs such as pulse and blood pressure, as well as a typical physical exam. They may recommend lab testing, request records or make some recommendations for small changes to start focusing on. The physician will always explain why tests are being performed and why any treatment is being recommended. All recommendations are written out for you so that you feel confident in your plan.

Follow up visits may be around 30 minutes long, but dive deeper into laboratory testing, nutrition or perhaps a treatment such as craniosacral therapy, bowen or acupuncture. Every person’s plan is unique to them. No two treatment plans for patients look alike. This is because the goal for our providers is to treat the underlying causes of imbalance and disease.

Wellness visits are often recommended for patients by their providers and their insurance companies on a yearly basis. This visit is a time for the patient and provider to be sure they are on the same page with doing all of the appropriate screening and health maintenance as well as to have a thorough physical exam and also touch base about any changes in the patient’s life.

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