Simple ways to reduce plastic use

Reducing plastic waste is one way to help combat the pollution crisis of plastic waste that ends up scattered all over out earth and finding its way into our oceans, rivers, and streams. Furthermore, avoiding plastics in our kitchen and food packaging can reduce out exposure to toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc on our health. Plastics show up everywhere, containers, bags, bottles, packaging, and more. Certain chemicals in plastics have been linked to health disorders such as metabolic disorder and reduced fertility. Chemical leaching is even more of a problem when plastic is exposed to heat, such as microwaving your plastic tupper wear for lunch at work.

Don’t overwhelm yourself at first if you’re looking to minimize your plastic consumption. Make one simple swab at a time. Pick the options that seams the most practical at first. Small positive changes can lead to a profound impact.

Get a reusable water bottle! Opt for class or stainless steel as opposed to reusable plastics.

Use reusable grocery bags, keep a couple of cloth bags in your car so that you can use those in the grocery store as opposed to plastic bags.

Reusable Utensils and plates – This tip will help you reduce plastics and save money. When eating away from home pack a kit with your own silverware and even reusable straw.

Use reusable food containers for leftovers. Invest in a couple glass or stainless-steel container to store your leftovers. This will help you reduce plastics and avoid harmful effects of plastic leaching into your foods, especially during reheating.

Make your own snacks! avoid buying single -serving prepackaged snacks. Pack snacks like fruits and veggies or make your own snacks from scratch and store in glass containers. Additionally, this is more likely to lead to healthier options.

Think about your coffee waste. Rethink your Keurig cups. Switch to a French press or find a reusable pod for your coffee machine. Additionally, if you get coffee out often, ask the barista is they can fill your reusable mug, many places will do this.

Swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo brush.

Use natural sponges or dish rags instead of generic sponges made from plastic.

Replace plastic sandwich bags with washable cloth snack bags.

Opt for detergent in boxes and stay away from disposable detergent pods that are made with plastic.

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