Starting Meditation

Mind and body are different but they affect each other. Our minds and bodies are deeply connected. They communicate with one another on a two-way street. Long periods of discontent and stress can cause our body to be rundown and more susceptible to illness. On the other hand, when we are physically run down it can have an impact on our mind and mood.

Meditation is a tool that we can use to benefit our health by training our mind to let go of negative thoughts to stimulate more positive thinking. Benefits of this include reduced stress, clear thinking, and overall increase in our calmness.

Meditation is practice that needs to be trained just like any other skill. We can motivate ourselves to regularly practice meditation by remembering that negative emotions are contagious and can harm others around us. On the other hand, positive emotions are also contagious. When we take care of our minds, we are more likely to touch someone else with kindness and positivity. Taking care of our minds starts with meditation. It may take some time to develop a mediation routine but it is important to block off a little time each day to your practice.

Starting can be difficult at first, but don’t overthink it! It’s something that can be done anytime and anywhere. The best way to stay consistent is to build it into a habit. Some tips to make it a habit can be to do it at the same time or same location every day. Make a special place in your house that’s calming and relaxing that you will want to spend time in. Try to avoid making excuses and procrastination. Keep it short at first and accumulate time as you build it into a habit. At first it may seem foreign but as you get into a routine it will become more automatic and feel essential. Start simple and don’t be tough on yourself, know that thoughts will come to mind but let them flow by without judgment and return to the breath.

Remind yourself of all of the benefits when you are questioning if it’s worth the time. Some remarkable benefits include better sleep, healthier immune system, improved alertness, enhanced memory, concentration, and increased levels of happiness, compassion, and feeling of fulfillment.

Here are some types of medication to give a shot:

  • Concentrative – mantra, prayers, visualization
  • Awareness – vipassana, mindfulness (paying attention in present moment on purpose in a non-judgmental way)
  • Loving kindness – appreciation (gratitude practice) increases oxytocin and wanting to bond
  • Expressive – dance, chanting, whirling, fast breathing, Qigong, Yoga (meditation in motion)

Whatever works for you is the best type of meditation! Don’t overthink it!

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