Talking Kids in the Northwest!

Dr. Craig Fasullo recently attended a three-day pediatric conference all the way out in Portland Oregon! On topics varying from overcoming childhood constipation to sleep troubles to mood & behavior issues, he caught up on the latest research and most interesting treatments currently being explored in the field. Especially eye-opening was the information regarding childhood trauma and stress, it’s direct relationship to medical issues later in life, and how to start developing mindfulness with kids beginning when they are young. This isn’t just teaching children to meditate, but rather coming up with helpful ways to bring awareness to the moment and help kids to understand where their feels are coming from and how they can have some control over them. There sure isn’t just a pill for that, but given that so many adult disorders and diseases are related to stress, it makes total sense in our crazy go-go-go world to start doing something about it early. All kids deserve the very best shot at a happy healthy life and addressing these issues head-on with love and compassion is the way to help them get there.

In his small amount of spare time (and to work on mindfulness and stress reduction himself!), he visited with some naturopathic colleagues from medical school, met some beautiful brand new babies, and soaked up of the remarkable natural wonder that the northwest has to offer. Even after six years of living there through med school and residency, it was still a shock to go back and remember how remarkably GREEN everything is. 🙂

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