The Many Benefits of Yoga - from the blog of Dr. Lauren Gouin, ND

The Many Benefits of Yoga

I recently have reconnected with my love of yoga. Probably my favorite form of exercise, as you can tailor it to specific muscle groups, organs and conditions. There are some great books out on this topic, including The Runner’s Yoga and DK Publishing Yoga. I suggest classes though, with an instructor that can help you modify poses or otherwise focus you on what poses are best for you and your conditions.

I have three favorite yoga studios right now: (in alphabetical order as to not show preference :-))

and Tae San Yoga in Hebron, CT (couldn’t find their website)

Yoga can be beneficial for everything from arthritis to seasonal allergies. I personally feel more calm and sleep better with yoga. I know my father, who previously suffered from sciatica, has found great benefit to it as well.

I often mention to patients that tree pose can be beneficial for osteoporosis. Standing on one leg for one minute is the equivalent to walking for 53 minutes as far as weight bearing exercise. And that’s just one yoga pose!

Check out a video in the library, a free workout yoga on demand on cable or best yet, a class at a local studio! Your body will thank you!

In the future, I am excited about working with local yoga studios on some combination classes and workshops with naturopathic medicine, nutrition and yoga. I think it’s a really creative and unique endeavor, creating a network of support for individuals to really transform their lives.

I’m looking forward to see how it comes out!

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