Water Cure at Saratoga Springs

Recently I (Dr. Nick Edgerton) travelled to upstate New York for a short overnight stay (yes, New York state was on the acceptable travel list). Specifically, the draw was to the historic mineral springs of Saratoga Springs. These springs are touted to have a healing tendency due to their rich mineral content. There is not much quite like this in the Northeast. There are some other natural water springs in the area, such as a local one on the Mansfield/Willimantic line, but that is more or less like well-water with small amounts of trace minerals.

The natural springs water source is due to the North-south Saratoga fault that allows water to come to the surface. There are 21 different locations in Saratoga where there is spring access, each with a slightly different taste based on mineral content. Most of them are naturally effervescent with trapped gases escaping at the surface. Different springs were associated with different healing benefits including indigestion, clearing skin, and relieving sinus congestion.

In 1935 President F.D. Roosevelt helped open a newly developed campus. There were 2 bathhouses where they diverted the spring water into baths in individual treatment rooms. Families would travel far to come and experience the healing waters. Bathing was said to improve arthritic conditions, and the testimonies from patrons supported this. This makes sense from a scientific opinion, because we know the skin has an absorptive capacity. For example, taking an epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) can increase one’s blood levels of magnesium. I would argue that these mineral baths are also very good for all things that minerals help with – osteoporosis, healing of musculo-tendinous injuries, and improving other mineral deficit problems such as fatigue.

Naturopathic medicine has a modality known as Hydrotherapy – also known as water cure. I’ve often instructed patients on how to utilize contrast hydrotherapy in their daily life as a form of gentle detox, more info in an older blog post. Water is an extremely important resource, it simply provides existence. So, go have yourself a glass of water, at least.

Today, the bathhouses of Saratoga Springs are located in a state park with a hotel, golf course, tennis courts, hiking trails and other fun activities. One can sign up for a mineral bath as well as therapeutic massage, and sauna (currently closed due to COVID).

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