It’s that time of year again! Your yearly wellness visit. We are honored as your physicians to hold space for you all year round. We are here for any sneeze or sniffles, and truly value this visit as an opportunity to take time and assess your overall health.  This visit is extremely  important to us and we ask that we have this time at least once every two years, ideally every year.

This is the one visit that health insurance companies allow us to completely focus on all of your well care and ensure that we maintain a proactive approach. Services included in a preventative wellness visit: review of medical history, thorough physical exam, information about how to reduce risk factors that could affect your health, ordering screening tests and immunizations as needed and counseling on overall improvements that could help your health.  We may ask for a urinalysis and/or EKG if necessary. Please refrain from applying any lotions or perfumes the day of your exam.

During the visit, procedures such as ear cleaning and skin/wart removal, treatment/discussions of new concerns or chronic conditions may lead to additional charges to your insurance. We will make you aware of these prior to incurring them.

Blood tests are an important part of preventative medicine. As integrative physicians, we don’t feel that one size fits all for testing. During your wellness visit, your doctor and you will discuss what tests would be appropriate to run.

To maximize our time together, please fill out the following form at this link: https://form.jotform.com/211865342486057

If for any reason you need to reschedule, please give us at least 24 hours notice.  We look forward to seeing you! Thank you for trusting us with your care.