What is Wellness?

Health and wellness are an interconnected web, when one strand gets tugged, the whole web is affected. Sometimes we need to work hard to focus on one specific aspect of our wellness, while other times we need to take an aerial view and look at our life as a whole.

Sometimes we know exactly what we need to work on, but don’t know where to start. Other times isn’t not so clear what is tugging at our web and throwing it off balance.

Preforming our own wellness assessment can give us a better insight on the balance within our life. By marking off your personal satisfaction in each of the areas of this pie chart, you will have a better understanding of how balanced you are and where to put emphasis on. When drawn out like a pie chart, ideally it will resemble a wheel. When assessing each area is important to remember it is how the specific person defines satisfaction. Remember to view your cup half-full but do not minimize lack of fulfillment in any area. Give yourself an honestly assessment.

Here are some dimensions that make up wellness. By rating these areas on a scale of 1-10 it can help to identify areas that may need adjustment and can see the areas your doing really well!

Health & Wellbeing: Describe any health challenges you are facing. Describe any joys you feel around your health. Think about the health you would like to experience 5 years from now.

Family & Friends: How fulfilling is your relationship with your family? Are you satisfied with the level of closeness and support? Think about the quality and quantity of your friendships. Are you getting your needs met by your friends? Have you developed any new friends within the last 2 years?

Personal Development & Growth: Do you invest time, energy, and money in your own personal growth and development? Do you invest into your spiritual development?

Significant Other & Romance: Are you at peace with this aspect of your life? Is this an active part of your life, are your need getting met well in this area?

Fun & Recreation: Do you invest enough time, energy, and money in having fun and re-creating yourself? Do you allow yourself to re-energize and value fun?

Physical Environment: How satisfied are you with your home, neighborhood, workplace, and surrounding landscape of where you live? Does it contribute to your quality of life or challenge it?

Career: Are you fulfilled by your career? Is it a good fit for you? Does it align with your values and purpose?

Money: Describe the stress you feel around money? Do you have a healthy relationship with money?

As you assess the areas it may become apparent how balance and fulfilled you feel in your life.

How well does your wheel roll if you were to connect all the lines?

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